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Formerly Simply Giovanna, Gio & Co. is known for their creative vision and artistic collaborations. Inspired by the beauty of art in everyday life, we specialise in custom, handmade high fashion jewelry and accessories.

Passionate about community collaborations, we participate in annual art shows, festivals, seminars, workshops and charitable events in the GTA and Waterloo area. 

We welcome you to connect with Gio & Co. via social media and join the family! We are all about the fusion of different forms of art in everyday life and would love to get to know your story!

We also welcome any and all crazy ideas for creative projects. We live for artistic collaborations and would love to connect! Please contact info@gioandcoart.com for inquiries.

A Message from the Designer


Hello! I am so happy that you have found our website. My name is Giovanna and I create all the pieces you see here. I currently attend the University of Waterloo for Arts and Business with a double major in Fine Arts and Psychology. Between school and extracurriculars, jewelry design is my creative outlet for personal expression. Always looking for new and creative ways to use my art to impact the world, I love combining different materials to create fresh new designs. I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love all the time, and I thank everyone for the great love and support along this journey!

I always look forward to sharing my ideas and creations with others, so I am ecstatic that you are visiting our site. I hope you find inspiration here, and if anything sparks your interest, feel free to contact me for more info!


Giovanna Ngai

Founder & Designer

Gio & co.

EST. 2010

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